Friday, January 22, 2010

First to Recent works.

Recently I've been trying to colour using Paint Tool SAI which so far I think was good however due to my abilities in colouring I sort of like didn't get the make the best out of it. However I've been learning and practicing on it since the day I got it (even though it's still a trial version). Paint Tool SAI has some features which are good and different compared to Photoshop however there are still a lot more for me to discover about this new programme.

Here are some works that I've done so far using Paint Tool SAI.
Some works might not seem appealing as I am practicing though. Works that are shown here is starting from the first day until my recent work.

My very first attempt on Paint Tool SAI. No planning no sketch no nothing. Just colour and see where things takes me.

After that, here comes all my other test and practice on the program.

Last but not least, here is my most recent work which I had just finished yesterday.

Final COLOURED version.

Thanks and hope you enjoyed it!

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