Friday, August 14, 2009

3D Modeling

After working in the industry, I realize that I was interested in modeling environment. I had tried modeling characters as well however I'm still learning to improve myself in modeling, texturing and rigging the characters. Here are some modeling works that I had done during my free time and some are done for projects.

All models here are modeled and textured (using library reference to do some adjustment on photoshop) from scratch.

Characters from Azumanga Daioh and Pokemon.

Character model that I had created meant for one of my assignments however in the end I didn't use it. Used this character to do some test for the hair. Please feel free to check my DeviantArt site here

Wii Controller, my first model used for a game trailer.

A drawbridge. Part of a project.

One of my ex-colleague back in Malaysia had done a Mitsubishi Advertisement for their company VHQ which I thought was pretty impressive and cute. Please feel free to check their info on CGTalk here! It's a Mitsubishi -Prison Break 30 second animation clip with 3 vegetable characters (Bak Choy, Carrot and Tomato).

Here's the video that I would like to share with everyone today. Enjoy!

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