Thursday, August 13, 2009

Follow Up

Hey there. As I promised, here's a follow up from my previous entry. Enjoy!

Character Design

This art work was done collab with Chan Kelsie.

Circus character designs.

Dragon designs

Fairy Designs

Monsters Designs

Finally, the character designs and composition with the theme : Circus.
I had used a few types of tone stickers and ink pen for this art work.

A concept art on the usage of a stapler. Medium used are marker and ink pen.

Concept Design (mainly focused on composition and theme)

Theme : Hospital

Theme : fantasy
done this using paint.

And finally, my first 3D modeling work.



Back then I had tried some colour testing on Photoshop using one of my works for fun. Here are some works that I did.

Tried practicing using ink pen to do outlines.

Howl's Moving Castle concept artwork.
Characters design credits to Miyazaki.

Shall upload more recent works in the future.


  1. ur bowl of fruits still looks amazing xD

  2. Lol I didn't realize you posted a comment here XD.
    My fruits doesn't look that good lol. I only like the grapes though even though it's overly exaggeratedly full o.O