Saturday, August 15, 2009

Concept Designs

Last semester I had done some concept designs for one of the game course and the story that me and my teammate (Brooks) chose was an old japanese horror tale.

Hoichi the Earless

The story was about a blind man name Hoichi, who stays at the temple with his priest and monk friends. Even though Hoichi was blind he has a great talent at playing the biwa. His performance was said to be so wonderful that even ghost or goblins couldn't refrain from tears. One night when the blind man was all alone in the temple, he heard someone calling for his name and was approached by a samurai. The samurai demanded Hoichi to play his biwa for his lord and guided him to his lord's home. Hoichi was told to perform The Tale of Heike and received praises for his performance. After performing, the samurai lead Hoichi back home and warned him not to tell anyone about his performance to his lord. The following night, the samurai returned and lead Hoichi back to his lord.

However Hoichi's absents was discovered by his priest friend. The priest w
as suspicious with Hoichi's outings and asked his fellow monks to follow Hoichi one night. The monks followed Hoichi and only to find him playing his biwa furiously at the cemetery. The priest then realize that Hoichi has been bewitched by ghost and promised to save Hoichi from them. He instructed his monks to write sutras all over Hoichi's body and told Hoichi to remain silent and motionless when he hears the samurai.

That evening the samur
ai returns and called for Hoichi however there was no response. The samurai was angered and went to look for Hoichi however he couldn't see anything but Hoichi's ears. The sutras written on Hoichi's body had made him invisible however the monks forgot to write the sutras on his ears. Attempt to fulfill his lord's orders, the samurai ripped off Hoichi's ears as proof to show that it was the only part of Hoichi that was available. The samurai left, leaving Hoichi shocked and covered in blood.


The story that I read from the book was simple but yet interesting and scary at the same time. Hoichi the Earless is actually part of the Kwaidan, meaning japanese horror stories and they too made a movie of it as well which was alright. Do feel free to download the movie even though the movie was made back in 1964, however it's still a great movie to enjoy.

Here are some of the construction drawings for the character and props.

Some composition and background thumbnails.

Black and White Concept Design (finalized drawing)

Coloured Concept Design (final). Tried changing the colour mood and time to see how it would look like as well.

Coloured Props Designs

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